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This is most requested forest scarifier.
Trencher is built of best available materials - STRENX and HARDOX.
Pins are hardened, very durable and long lasting.
Hydraulic cylinders are equipped with brakes.
Double row trencher with disc size is 120 cm.
Required a hydraulic oil flow from 65 l / min. Best results 90-100 L/Min.
The distance between the planting spots is 2–2.2 m.
Adjustable disk angle.
Powerful hydraulic motors.
The trencher in a lifted position brings it weight close to the tractor, allowing tractor to move easier in wet areas.



Weight 1200 kg, loads up to 6000 kg
Disc diameter 120 cm
Necessary hydraulic oil flow 65 l/min
Cultivable area Average of 0.75 ha / hrs.
More information Adjustable disc angle and distance between rows