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UOT Mounder

Forest mounder, great machine especially on wet forest soils.
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UOT-3000 Forest trencher

The heavy duty forest disc trencher is intended for professionals...Learn more

UOT-2000 Forest trencher

This trencher is build on UOT-1000 base, attachable on agricultural tractors...Learn more

UOT-1000 Forest trencher

Excellent product to attach on all range forestry used agricultural tractors. Learn more

UOT-500 Forest trencher

One disc trencher, great solution using on less power forestry used agricultural tractors. Learn more

UOT-S Seeder

Seeding machine that provides precise amount of seeds in aright moment. Learn more

UOT-Arm1 Front Linkage System

This is a unique front linkage system, build for the forest use agricultural type tractors. Learn more